Flame-Resistant Uniforms

your safety is our top concern

Stay on top of the new OSHA safety laws requiring Flame Resistant Uniforms and protect your employees from hazards in the workplace. With a quality Flame Resistant Uniform program from Loveland Steam, you will be compliant, safe and performing your best on the job site.

Loveland Steam uses only the highest quality Flame Resistant products by Bulwark FR. Chose from multiple styles and colors to satisfy your employees and meet the safety laws with a Bulwark FR patch on the uniforms. Bulwark is the world’s larges provider of flame resistant uniforms and you won’t be disappointed.

Loveland Steam listens to your needs, designs a rental program that fits those needs, and reliably delivers that program week after week. Good Safety equals good business, that’s why smart companies call Loveland Steam for quality Flame Resistant programs that work!

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